Day 28 – Playful Yoga Practice – 30 Days of Yoga
August 26, 2017
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Day 30 – Find What Feels Good – 30 Days of Yoga
August 28, 2017

Day 29 – Sweet Surrender – 30 Days of Yoga

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Hello my sweet friends from all over the world, welcome to 30 Days of Yoga With

Adrienne. I’m Adrienne and it’s day 29. Let’s hop to it. Okay, so now we’re going to begin standing with the palms together at the heart. So get situated on your mat. Anywhere on your mat, you can go crazy. You don’t have to be at the front of your mat and we’re going to draw the palms together in Anjali Mudra at the heart. Stand up nice and tall, smile and then take your gaze from the video and draw it down just pass your fingertips. Tuck your chin to your chest

so you lengthen through the back of the neck and then close your eyelids. Maybe you can feel a little tension in the shoulders or some heaviness in the heart. See if you can soften the brows, so soften. . . Soften the area between the two eyebrows and then relax your jaw as well. And just take a moment here of peace here at day 29. My lucky number. And find your breath. Your breath supports you on this journey and beyond so let’s connect with nice full breath in and a nice long

breath out. Again, nice full breath in and then exhale release. Reconnect to your intention here, maybe why you started this 30 day experience, maybe you’ve missed stays me, you’ve done everyday, maybe you’ve done more than just these videos every day, whatever has happened reconnect here right now. Then take your intention honoring the power of word and the power of thought. Take it with you into this next gestures as we breath in and exhale, lift the heart, interlace the fingertips behind the tailbone and open the chest, open your heart, open your mind and open your eyes.

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Take a deep breath in and on an exhale bend your knees generously, belly comes to the tops of the thighs and we release forward seeing what is on the plate here today. Breath deep, making any sound you want, take that sense of wonder from yesterday and keep exploring. Big breath in and on your big breath out, we’ll release the fingertips and come into

forward full. Toes pointing forward, we release the fingertips to the earth of the palms to the mat or maybe elbows come, excuse me hands come to the elbows and we rock a little side to side. Then slowly we’ll inhale, lift up to flat back position and on an exhale slide it down. Step the right foot back into your lunge, inhale, open your heart, look forward, exhale, lower the back knee. Inhale, reach the fingertips up towards the sky and exhale bend the elbows cactus

arms as you sink deep here. Inhale, reaching up and exhale bending the elbow. Maybe shifting the weight to the hips forward. So you also don’t have to move the hips here. You can just move your arms. Inhale, reach up, exhale opening the heart, the chest, cactus arms are to log pose arms as we open the heart. Deep breath in, open your heart and exhale release. Come back to that low lunge, lift the back knee up and we’ll step the back foot up to meet the front forward full.

Switching legs, step the left toes back, inhale loop the shoulders. Heart radiates forward, breath into that left hip crease strong and then we’ll lower the back knee and you inhale, reach the arms up. Find that hugging into the mid line and then exhale bending the elbows open your heart. Inhale, reach it up and exhale bend the elbow, open your heart, your chest. Stay true to your integrity so a nice alignment here as we inhale. One more time reach up and exhale, bend the elbows, open your

heart, your chest. Great, release down. We’ll bring the right knee to meet the left and we’ll drop the elbows and then we’ll walk the knees back nice and slow bringing the heart to the earth resting the forehead on the mat. Again if the shoulders are pinching give yourself a little bit of space. You can do that, you are in charge. So here we melt the heart down, we find a little bit of the length in the lower back body as we walk the pelvis us towards the sky. You might find

a gentle sway back and forth. And for me this is where I just truly take a moment for myself and breath deep and surrender to the bigger picture. Surrender to that which is greater and for me this is a moment where I just kind of really connect to yoga and a bow, to the beloved. My practice is a service to the big picture. So to each his own, right? But we just go a little bit deeper that this all ears our heart open our shoulder open our. . . Connecting.

And then I’ll press into my fingertips to come up nice and slow shifting pressing into the elbows, come up and then coming back to all fours. Take a couple of cat-cows here. Strong emphasis on this arching of the spine after that heart to earth pose. You may want to hover there a little bit longer. And then when you are satisfied curl the toes under, walk the palms out a hair and send it up downward facing dog. Take a deep breath in here and exhale out through

the mouth as you pedal it out. Then drop the left heel as you inhale, lift the right leg high, toes down, exhale squeezing that right knee all the way up in towards your heart, nose to knee and then we’ll step it up into our lunge. High lunge here as we reach the fingertips behind the ears maybe to come up here having a little fun as we spike that heel back. Pull the right hip crease and we inhale in, exhale, bend the elbows left to right, open your heart, your chest, sink a little deeper maybe. Inhale, reach it up strong legs, exhale, bend the knees. We can always practice this with the knee down again and one more time inhale and exhale, bend the elbows, open your heart. Awesome, hands come to the waistline here and I’m going to slowly pivot on my back foot, turn the right toes in.

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Now both toes as in just slightly. I’m pressing the outer edges of the feet and I inhale, open my heart and my chest as is that superhero pose here and exhale wide going forward

fold down, here you go. Great, fingertips come to the mat here. You might walk your palms in line with the arches of the feet. If you’ve been through the empower program with me or your further along in your practice that you want to practice a headstand here, guess what? I’m inviting it in, hugging the elbows in, maybe you slowly lifting up here or maybe not. So if you’re new to the practice just hang tight and check out the headstand prep video. Maybe we’re here, maybe we’re here on a

block or a blanket, or maybe we were working on headstand from here quite firm. So wherever you are take a couple of more breaths. And then to come out we’ll slowly unravel with the fingertips coming back and then eventually hands to the waistline and retracing our stay ups, our stay ups and all the way back up. Take a second to absorb your breath, close your eyes, notice how that oxygen has shifted, how the blood flow is changing, how maybe the

energy in the room has shifted and just check in. Relax your jaw, soften the skin of the face and keep pressing into the outer edges of the feet drawing energy up through the arches of the feet, the inner arches. As we release the fingertips down, we interlace the fingertips behind the tail once again. Draw the knuckles down and away. Inhale, open your chest and your heart and exhale forward fold again. This time knuckles drawing up and over, widely get forward fold. We really maybe play

with the length of our stance here. Maybe the crown of the head comes to the mat maybe we’re nowhere even close to that and that’s okay. We are where we are in the moment today not locking the knees, breathing into this beautiful and therapeutic posture or variation. So many benefits. Breath deep, stay ground through your feet, you got it one more breath. To come out of the posture really pressing the outer edges of the feet connect to your core. Draw the knuckles down, down,

down as you slowly roll up. Release the hands, once again bring them to the waistline and just notice how you feel. Open your mouth. Yoga is awesome. You get to touch ourselves, stretch, wear comfy clothes and we get to breath with our mouths open so just ah and we’ll go. Cool. Then slowly we’re going to turn the left toes towards the back edge of the mat, turn the right toes in, hands reach up, we pivot on the back foot, we lift that right heel and inhale high lunge.

Exhale, bend the elbow left to right, open your hearts and we’ll inhale reach up and exhale bend the elbows, full body experience. One more you got this. Vote for love, inhale reach it up and exhale bending at the elbows opening the armpit, chest. Awesome, inhale in and exhale. We’re going to come all the way back to our lunge. So now you’re facing the opposite end of your mat. Hopefully we plant the palms, we slide the left toes back, three each other on the push ups,

shift your weight forward, here we go. One, looking forward, you can always lower the knees and two and last thing, oh my God I’m sore, three. And then we lower the knees. Great, we’re going to shift now to come to stick pose but I’m going to flip so that I’m seated facing the front edge, so I just do a nice easy flip. Come to staff pose, down bassinet, pressing the heels towards the front edge. I roll up through the staircase of the spine and I sit up nice and tall. Fingertips are going

to come in line with the hips or I might walk them back a little bit to find this openness in the heart and the chest. Firm down to the thigh bones, we’re going to take three breaths here opening the heart, opening the chest, breath deep. Flex through your feet. Then slowly we’ll draw the left heel up, keep about a knuckles’ worth of space between your inner thigh and your heel. I’m going to hug my left knee with my right elbow, sit up nice and tall like

just like in dap– staff pose. . . I’m sorry. And we find a gentle twist here. Pressing through that right heel, softening through the skin of the face keeping the heart open, chest open, arm to chest and lifting up towards the hands. Then take one more breath here. And we’ll switch, so come to dandasana first so you can find that strong integrity in that left leg and then slide the right heel up and we find our twist. Gently releasing back to the center soles

of the feet come to the mat, we walk the palms forward for a couple of different options. So I can come into my garland pose variation or I can come for a little bakasana practice. So palms come down, I walk the toes together and I might just start by rocking trying to draw my knees up towards my armpit chest keeping the heart open the chest, open I might rock a little front and back keeping the gaze forward. Maybe I lift one toe and maybe I lift the other. Maybe I’m just in my squat

and save this core practice for another day, or maybe I come into crow with the breath nice and slow. Pressing in all 10 knuckles. And then after a little play time we’ll move, find my crow or squat back to seated and we’ll roll all the way onto the back and release the fingertips behind the head when you arrive. Hug your knees into your chest, inhale in as you exhale send your right leg out, draw your right elbow towards your left

knee. Lift your heart and we’re going to switch coming through center really slow and sending it to the other side. Yogi bicycles into the center, elbows wide and right elbow to the left knee and then switch left elbow to right knee and in your own time here moving, checking in with your center following your breath with the movement. Really finding a synchronicity here if you can. Resist the urge to just kind of blast through it. Then when you feel satisfied release the

head, grab the ankles, soles and feet up towards the sky. Maybe you grab the outer arches or the inner arches here for a little happy baby lengthening the tailbone down, maybe straightening the legs, maybe finding a little movement back and forth and then it’s all you baby. Maybe you head into a shoulder stand here or a plough. Maybe you head into a recline twist. Maybe you change it up by taking eagle legs or garudasana legs into your recline twist.

And once you feel set you might practice closing the eyes for this last moment or two. And everyone wherever you are, I encourage you to connect to your breath, this pulse, this life force that lives inside all of us that’s connecting us across the ether. Slowly enjoying your playtime and finding what it feels good and then eventually getting situated in your best and most beautiful shavasana. So you can use a pillow, I’m going to grab my bolster here

today because I have it here. I’m going to put it underneath the legs. This is awesome. You don’t need a fancy shmancy bolster. I can’t tell you how many years I was practicing yoga at Thai. We just got this this year really. So you don’t need a bolster, but you can roll up a towel or blanket, put it underneath the legs and you can connect to that sense of wonder and you know we all want tone muscles, but this shavasana is just as important not only it is. . .you know, it has lots of

benefits that we can read about later, but you know this is a precious moment to us is all I’m saying. So set it up, take the time to set it up, yummy if you like and then rest. It’s like when we were kids and we made forts. We enjoy building them and then we sit in them and enjoy them. So find a place where you can rest, give thanks and really notice what it feels like to be alive today on day 29. Rock on my friends, take good care, see you tomorrow. It’s going to be fun, got a good

surprise in store for you. Namaste.



  1. violinsday says:

    Wonderful practice! Just what I needed!
    fun fact: all my joints started to crack…

  2. the garland pose is really difficult still but i too was able to crow for several seconds!! i'm having some pretty intense separation anxiety, what do we do on day 31? *(month 6 haha)

  3. Nice and soft practice i día the crow for a second or two hehehehe, thanks for sharing, namaste.

  4. shalimar1811 says:

    I am such a fan of you, Adriene! I am new to the practice but your approach is so encouraging and inviting that I keep coming back! Thank you so much!

  5. Autumn Dale says:

    I would love to nail the crow but I'm working on it day by day my arms are so much stronger today than they were before I started this! THANK YOU!!!

  6. In a lot of these standing poses especially wide legged forward fold, the outer part of my ankle kills me. Not in a really painful way but more like an uncomfortable tingling…kind of like when your foot falls asleep? any ideas why?

  7. Another beautiful practice. Crow pose is coming along slowly but surely. Thanks for being such a great teacher x Will now forever be a committed follower & friend!

  8. Se Da says:

    Thank you so much ?

  9. Tomorrow I'll do Day 30 – and not once over the last 29 days has keeping up the practice felt like a chore or an imposition on my life. Adriene, your calm, kind and slightly goofy nature works a treat …. and i like the reminders to smile because the face sometimes forgets to express that the body – and soul – are having such a good time. Thank you!

  10. How appropriate my 29th day of Yoga falls on election day — Your Shirt reads "Vote for Love"  — my daughter was born on election day 24 years ago on Nov. 3rd.  Yes today I think I will Vote for Love and God Bless America.  Thank you for these amazing 29 days.  You have become my new best friend and I start everyday with you.

  11. Meagan Smith says:

    omg! my day 29 happens to fall on election day and you are wearing a shirt that says "vote for love"!! I couldn't agree more! Adriene, it's like we're connected! haha. Also I happened across  your Halloween crow video the day after Halloween. weird!!

  12. just did day 28 and 29. i had a cold and i didn't practice for a coupme of days and i had some more time so… i hope its not cheating. the good thing is that if there is any improvement at all, is that i can practice for longer! at the begining even 10 minutes was hard work.

  13. Jessica Lee says:

    I usually only get 5 seconds of crow, but today I tripled it… Hmm wonder if it is because it was organic and had no mental pre-prep meaning I wasn't in the way this time. LOL

  14. vmcardoza says:

    my 29th day ?? absolutely in love with yoga. thank you for always reminding me to remember my intention. can't wait for day 30!

  15. mezzogal says:

    March 1, 2017. I'm doing Day 29 (started on Feb 1) and also restarting at Day 1. Just noticed the difference in the number of views. Day 1 has more than 9 MILLION views. Day 29, just around 400,000. So sad. I enjoyed the practice so much in the past month that I'm doing it all again.

  16. Tina Findley says:

    Thank you Thankyou Dear Adrienne for your great yoga challenge of 30 days ! You got me doing my yoga Again at home after I had held a long break : Very Grateful for your teachings: Lots of Love from Tina Findley Copenhagen Denmark. Nameste !

  17. Loved it!!! Thank you so much ?

  18. Hi Adriene Just completed my 30 days. From a complete beginner to Yoga addict! I am 57 and started because I wanted to get in shape for my daughter's Wedding. I dropped a dress size and on the day I felt amazing. I got lots of compliments too. Thanks for the videos I enjoyed every minute and Yoga is now an essential part of my day. Happy weekend to everyone 🙂

  19. im sad this is almost over, definitly doing this again ahaha, thank you!

  20. Berry Time says:

    02:42 – I see Paris. I see France. I see Adrienes underpants! haha cute :p

  21. FINALLY MANAGED TO GET BOTH FEET OFF THE GROUND FOR CROW! then I landed on my face… what a time to be alive. hahaha

  22. Sapphirechao says:

    Congratulations to all the beautiful people making it this far!

    Namaste 🙂

  23. Hi from Ireland and thank you Adriene for bringing me through this yoga practice its brilliant x Ange!a x

  24. E Caroline says:

    Thought you might enjoy this video Adriene, using you and your words as the inspirer – Namaste x

  25. That one was beautiful and too short haha. Thank you for today, see you tomorrow! Namaste <3

  26. I love yoga I love yoga I love yoga I love yoga

  27. Tomorrow is the last day, i can't believe this challenge is almost over. Thank you for guiding me, Adriene. ?

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